Application Form
IF you have anything over a class B misdemeanor DPS will probably refuse to give you a license.
Do you have a TX driver license or a TX ID?
Do you have a reliable source of transportation?
Mark what type of guard license you have. Mark all that apply.  Note if you do not have one we encourage you to apply and we will help certify you after employment just be aware it is a 6 hour course and it will cost $125 to obtain for the basic Level 2. That is all fees including class and state fees. The company will pay all fees and will deduct in 4 payments from your first 4 paychecks Company paychecks are every 2 weeks.
(please note if you write something lower than what you saw in the add you may be considered for different locations as well. not all job sites pay the same.)
Please read the following before submitting your application.

If you are hired, don't expect to have holidays off. You must be willing to work on Holidays and Weekends. We receive more work on holidays and unfortunately we can't give those days off. Any missed holidays will result in termination of employment. please consider this before submitting your application. We pay every other week and 1 week stays in funds. If you have any questions you can call me at 1 (800) 340-0686 ext 2




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